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Eric Frattini worked as a correspondent in the Middle East and has lived in Beirut (Lebanon), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Jerusalem (Israel).

Frattini is the author of around twenty books amongst which are Osama bin Laden, la espada de Alá (2001); Mafia S.A. 100 Años de Cosa Nostra (2002); Secretos Vaticanos (2003); ONU, historia de la corrupción (2005); La Conjura, Matar a Lorenzo de Medici (2006); Mossad, la Ira e Israel (2007), or the tetralogy about the history of the most famous espionage services (CIA, KGB, Mossad and MI6).

His works has been published in several countries like in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, Poland and Russia. Frattini is the director and scriptwriter of approximately twenty research documentaries for the main Spanish televisions. The author is a regular collaborator of the TV programme “Cuatro Milenio”, directed by Iker Jiménez in the Spanish channel Cuatro TV. In 2007, he published El Quinto Mandamiento (The Fifth Commandment), his first novel, which has been translated into numerous languages.

El laberinto de Agua (The Labyrinth of Water), his second novel to date, has been launched in Spain by Espasa Calpe in 2009.







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Eric Frattini

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